Why do a landscape design?


The most obvious reason is that a landscape design will inspire and help the client visualize the space. Often times, the little nuances are missed in a conversation. Words can only go so far, especially as the landscape project’s scope increases in size or changes to fit the needs of the client. A well-done landscape design will highlight all of the subtleties in form and function involved in pairing a home or building with a landscape. The design will unify the home or building’s varied layers of repetition with the appropriate amount of patio symmetry, a focal point of a retaining wall, or the balance of a landscape bed.


Another reason to do a landscape design is that it is a master plan for your space. When a home is built, a blue print of the plan is provided to the general contractor and sub-contractors. A landscape design is the same concept. It puts everyone on the same page, and it sets the appropriate expectations for what will and will not be done. Kinnan-Scaping uses the latest in digital three-dimensional rendering programs in order to show our clients precisely what their project will look like. From the roof line and window placement of the home to the patio dimensions and tree sizes, our clients are able to actually see themselves in their own landscape. Having a master plan for an outdoor space is key in ensuring that the final result is a cohesive, seamless look.   Many times clients install large-scale projects in phases.  With a master design in place, clients can be assured that the final phase will fit in with all the other phases that were installed before it.


Perhaps an even better question is Why pay for a landscape design? It’s all about the investment. Most landscapes cost thousands of dollars, and will add exceptional value to a property. Some recent studies indicate that well-designed, well-installed landscapes can result in a return on your investment by as much as 150%. We ask a different question: Why would anyone want to pay all of that money without a solid, beautiful design in place? On the emotional and interpersonal side of the equation, a paid landscape design engages both the client and the designer. A higher level of commitment from both parties is reached, and an actual business relationship is established. When a designer feels that his or her skill set is valued, his or her creativity really flows. The landscape designer demonstrates his or her worth to the client as well as ensures that the client is in good hands to install such a beautiful landscape and outdoor living space. The client feels a greater level of trust in the designer because they have invested in his or her service.  A paid landscape design ensures all parties involved are on the same page, from the start to the completion of the project.  This meeting of the minds allows for a cohesive installation and eliminates costly delays and miscommunication.

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