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1. COLOR—Color is a great way to add life and freshness to a room. Pick up some coordinating accent pillows and candles to give your room a quick punch of color. We love to use fresh fruit as a temporary accent! Fill a nice glass bowl up with lemons, limes, oranges or apples. It’s also a healty snack. The important thing to remember is that less is more. Use just one accent color in three different areas of the room. For example, use some red pillows, red candles and a red piece of artwork, making sure everything else in the room is neutral. That red, strategically spaced and located, will really pop!
2. REARRANGE—your furniture! Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our furniture placement. You know, you don’t have to place everything up against the walls. Try moving some things around for a fresh look. Form a new angle, or move different pieces of furniture together. Try floating your sofa in the middle of the room instead of having it backed up to the window. You can put a sofa table behind it with some photos or a flower arrangement. The good thing is that you can always move items back if you don’t like the new look.
3. GO GREEN—Adding greenery to a room is always a fresh idea. When you are planning and planting outside, don’t forget the inside. Pick up a few fun plants or flowers to add to your decor. . .orchids and bromeliads are two of my favorites. When placing your greens keep in mind you want them to have different heights and sizes. This creates interest! Spread them out in the room and make sure they do not over-power anything else. Get planting!

Spring Clean-up
Cleaning up your landscape will make it look fresh and clean. Not only will it look tidier, but spring clean ups are vital for your landscapes’ health, too. After a long winter, new growth wants to push forth from plants. Dead material from the previous season can stifle new growth, or it forces new growth to find different paths. That can cause odd growing habits, and the plant will not be as healthy as it should be. In addition to cutting back dead perennials, trimming bushes, raking out beds and striking a new bed edge, don’t forget the mulch! Mulch is extremely important in maintaining plant health. It abates weeds, helps maintain moisture in the soil, keeps plants and trees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Mulch should be 3-inches thick and raked evenly.
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