Many of us are planning to spend a considerable amount of time making sure to keep our homes and landscaping in top condition this spring. You have to remember that working on and around your home and landscape is a very physical activity and should be treated as such. Granted, Kinnan-Scaping recommends using our talented crews for all of your landscaping and landscaping design needs. We understand that some of you want the sense of accomplishment that comes with installing or maintaining your landscaping. In that case, here are some simple steps to follow to make sure your hard work doesn’t leave you with a lot of pain.

WARM UP—Before any physical activity you should take the time to make sure that the muscles you will be using are properly warmed up. A brisk walk around your yard or around the block combined with some simple stretching of your upper and lower body can help to prevent many aches and pains before they ever begin. Cleaning up a landscape will require a lot of bending over and lifting, so we recommend a lot of lower back and hamstring stretching.

COOL DOWN—Just like your car, your body wasn’t built to slam on the brakes at the last second every time you come to a stop sign. Your body will feel better and recover from activity faster if you take the time to cool down the muscles you just used before you sit down in a lawn chair to enjoy your work. Take another short walk and do a little stretching. Your body will thank you the next day.

TAKE CARE OF SMALL ACHES BEFORE THEY BECOME BIG INJURIES— Most muscle pain can be treated simply with rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications. When your pain is not just simple muscle tightness, seeing your healthcare professional to find out right away what is going on and how it can be treated can prevent a small ache from becoming an injury that will take a long time to recover from.

Contribution by: Rolland Hardies, DC, ATC 402-218-6282


SOME SCOOPING COMMON SENSE – We have been receiving frequent snow showers the past few weeks. Be sure to keep your body in shape in the winter months and take it easy scooping or plowing.  If you notice a sharp pain in your back or any muscles start to hurt, take a break, drink some hot cocoa and warm up a little inside.  Muscle injuries are serious, and its not worth the pain to power through and get it all done quickly.  The cold weather can do a number on your muscles and can cause injuries quicker, muscles will lose heat and contract in the cold causing soreness to set in and can result in muscle damage.  Stay warm, look forward to spring, and keep us in mind to do the heavy lifting when it warms up.