How to Expand to an Outdoor Living Space

You walk over to your backyard patio doors, slide them open, step down to an 8’ x 8’ concrete slab and that’s it, nothing more.  Everything else around you is grass, or the occasional tree, for as far as the eyes can see.  That’s the reality for many new homes being built right now, as builders focus primarily on the indoors, and not the outdoors.  For most, the landscaping is an afterthought that isn’t fully realized until you start to really live in your home day to day.  Once that concrete slab is removed, a blank slate is created where free reign and imagination run wild.  Envision a paver patio, with a fire pit, seat walls, kitchen island, and landscaping all intertwined into your backyard where a simple concrete pad once was, that’s our goal and mindset.

A lot of people think of expanding their current home, and that price skyrockets when all the construction costs are added up with permits, inspectors, and architects.  But for a fraction of the cost, you could enhance your home with an outdoor entertainment space with countless options and design elements that suit your needs perfectly.  We are here to help you through the process and get your home to be the outdoor entertainment center for all of your friends and family.

Don’t just occupy your current slab of concrete, experience your outdoor living space.  The process starts by assessing what you need, and determining the amount of projects and pieces needed to turn that puzzle in your mind into functional artwork.  We will put forth our best effort and be sure to have it masterfully built and have it last a lifetime.  Get the process started today, we are setting up meetings and creating designs right now!