Earth Day comes every April 22nd and for 48 years now it has been growing and evolving into the movement that it is today.  The focus of each Earth Day is to educate and create as much environmental improvement as you can.  The biggest educational event in Omaha for Earth Day is on April 21st from 11 am – 6 pm at Elmwood Park.  This gathering brings together many local companies having demonstrations on what you can do for the community and for Earth.  Hillside Solutions is one company that will be there to show how they recycle organic waste from trash into compost and rich new soil.   Green companies are big business and will be needed to help sustain an ever-growing population and changing world.

One thing anyone can do is enjoy the warmer weather outside, either by going to public parks, using bike trails, or even enjoying the scenic views of a lake near sunset.  To make the views better, and help the parks stay beautiful, there are a variety of activities you can do to make it a better experience for all.  The first and easiest thing you can do is bring a bag with you to pick up litter.  Discarded napkins, cans, and bottles are easily dropped, roll away and forgotten.  These collect and clog up streams and are a nuisance in parks and along trails.   By filling a grocery bag with trash, you will make a subtle but important change to your environment.

Beyond picking up trash, you can do the world a favor for years to come by planting a new tree to grow and flourish.  This tree will provide shade, help oxygenate the air, and be a focal point for years to come.  Trees are readily available in nurseries and come in all shapes and sizes.  Try to use varieties that are native or that are less popular to help diversify the population and help curb any future insect or disease problem that may arise.  Walk into your nearest park, sit down on a bench, listen to the sounds of nature and imagine a world without this, do your part to make sure that a future person in your exact spot is possible.  Go enjoy Earth Day, in any way you can, and leave the world better than it was before.