With Thanksgiving coming shortly, and families gathering for the holidays in the coming months, it can be a bit stuffy in the house.  Most homes have a small patio or deck to go out on to escape the madness, but sometimes its just a 10’ x 10’ slab and it doesn’t really help.  This winter think about what a 400+ sq ft patio could do, including a fire pit and seat wall to add to the outdoor experience.

Space is important in reunions and an outdoor space could alleviate some issues with crowds.  On top of quadrupling the amount of outdoor living space on average, it gives you somewhere to go to in colder weather to warm up and relax outside.  Extra seating and tables should be a no-brainer for people who like a little space along with the peace and quiet.  The patio should help provide the space for those comforts and versatility.

The heat off a fire pit will help attract people to the outdoors.  The firepit is a warm campfire-like setting and a seat wall acts as the surrounding seating to gather everyone around and help disperse the amount of people at a gathering.  I know I would much rather be by the fire pit outside than sit inside on a crowded couch with people you may or may not like to be around all the time.  If you want to get some fresh air and still be warm the fire pit is a good option to have in an outdoor living space.

This year was a crazy one with so many projects done, the year is winding down and we are beginning work on next years projects.  Give us a call this holiday season and we would be glad to come out and see what we can do for you this spring!