Landscape lighting has come a long way and they come in all shapes and sizes.  LED’s are so small now they can pack 6 or 8 bulbs into a small cap light that can tuck under a wall cap.   These lights help illuminate areas that are hard to light, creating a safer space, and make the textures of the wall stand out, creating a look impossible to do in years prior.  Lighting for safety is very important and using them for steps is easier than ever.  Mounted lights are specially made to light your path down and create a safer environment.

Cap lights for use on seat walls and retaining walls cast great shadows and help define spaces much better with softer light than the harsh spot lights of the past.  Running wire under caps and getting it to the tiny unseen lights is efficient and a great improvement over high voltage lights that are big and bulky requiring much more electricity and bigger bulbs.  During the day its hard to tell there are even lights on a wall, its when the sun sets that the lights strut their stuff and really show why they are great additions to any project.

Steps made of manufactured stone are crisp and clean, easy to build and last a lifetime.  Steps that have lights in them to shine down to the next stair help incredibly at night in darker areas and can make a big difference for older people that need that extra assurance when navigating stairs.  Lighting is a cheap and effective way to promote safety and create a unique evening environment for years to come.