Circling around the campfire has been a long-held tradition that dates back thousands of years.  Almost all cultures and peoples from around the world have used fire to establish the center of the living space.  The place where stories are told, teaching is held, social interaction is common, and rituals are created.  Fire pits have evolved over the years as our society has grown.  The traditional outdoor campfire every night before bed has been replaced by the indoor fireplace and being outdoors while its chilly just isn’t seen as popular like it once was. 

Imagine a brisk autumn sunset, the temperature is around 50 degrees, there is a gentle breeze and the leaves rustle on the ground, recently dropped.  Now imagine a fire pit and seating, carefully planned out and installed in the perfect spot.  With a fire pit you can sit down comfortably and get the fire started to begin of wave of heat and gentle dancing flames while you relax and enjoy the not-so-cold outdoors. 

The benefits of a fire pit only begin with the heat they give off.  They provide a place to huddle around for gatherings, you can even roast marshmallows and other foods which can lead to tons of everlasting enjoyment.  If using a wood burning fire pit, the crackling and popping can create a scenic ambience of the great outdoors right in your own backyard.  Gas fire pits though can provide the instant satisfaction of fire and less mess but are usually a smaller flame.  Gas fire pits require very little input, just the simple turn of a key and a lighter is all you need to get the fire going most times.  No matter which type of fire pit you choose, you can count on the warmth and comfort for years to come.