Slopes are a common theme among homes in Omaha.  In older neighborhoods the winding streets go up and down and each passing house has a slope to the street or in their backyard.  Most of these hills are corrected with walls, but these homes are normally older and thus the materials used are crumbling or not in well kept shape.  If you have a wall like this check its integrity, see if it’s doing its job properly.  If not, there are a few solutions to the problem, we will discuss some of the most common in the article today.

Walls have evolved with the times, new technology and mathematical formulas were created to help design the present-day retaining wall block.  The blocks come in many forms, from the set back lip on Anchor blocks, to using pins in Versa-Loc blocks.  Any type you use will be much more versatile and stronger than the previous system that is in place and will last a lot longer and likely more aesthetically pleasing as well.  There are many colors and block faces to choose from so there is likely something for everybody.

Going the more natural route, there are natural stone blocks that can be easily set and look unique.  Using natural limestone quarry blocks on a short height but long wall is a good alternative to a concrete product as the retention is the same, but the shape and size are random and assorted creating more natural and appealing walls.  Limestone installed is the cheaper route, less measuring and less crush would be required, and the walls would be installed in large sections at a time, but space is the biggest factor.  These large stones need room and in tight quarters can be difficult to install. 

Either way you choose, walls are an important part of your home and maintenance on them is needed when the existing wall is failing.  Soil moisture can cause a lot of damage, either getting into cracks or the pushing out of older block can cause walls to fail.  After winter is when the most damage is seen, and also the best time to give us a call and see what we can do for you.