“I must start by stating, I am very particular, but from the start to the finish of the project Keith and the rest of the team exceeded our expectations. He has an eye for the design, not just the installation. He worked with us to trim costs to make the patio project fit within our budget. He stayed in touch with us, met deadlines and did everything he said he would do. I would definitely hire them again.” – Julie Phillips

“I would recommend Kinnan-Scaping to anyone. These guys are professional, courteous, timely and very skilled at their craft. They did an outstanding job for us. Thank you Brandon, Keith and Crew!!” – Steve Kanne

“I have hired Kinnan-scaping numerous times over the years to do both small and large projects. Absolutely zero complaints. Work was done well, on time, and always on budget. Expectations were always met and exceeded. The owner is a man of top character. I think many fail to appreciate how important that is when choosing a vendor. I highly recommend Kinnan-scaping.” – Mike Lempke

“I have to say I am so impressed with this company. They were doing a patio for a neighbor and some of the gravel fell down the street and gathered by our driveway. They cleaned it and all the mud that was there. They are a stand up company and stand behind the work. Anyone that will clean up after doing their job is worth using for your project. I recommend them” – Iris Sleight

“We are so happy with the finished project!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  We are so proud of the way everything turned out.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Our neighbors have been dropping by all weekend and taking a peek at the finished project.  The first word out of their mouth is ‘Wow!’…We will definitely keep Kinnan-Scaping at the top of our list for future projects.” – Hector & Stacy

“Thank you so much for the awesome job! We love the patio, landscaping and great service!” – Kate

“We could not be happier with the job that Kinnan-Scaping did for us. They landscaped our front yard, including ripping out a concrete sidewalk and putting in pavers, tearing out sod, putting in mulch, and planting trees, bushes and flowers….With all of that work, they completed the project in just a few days. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were able to get it done.” – Karin