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First Sign of Spring

The weather may still be cold and all the trees and shrubs still bare of leaves, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait a few more months for flowers to emerge.  Some plants are early risers, waking up from their winter slumber and getting a jump on the season.  This article will discuss a […]

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Bulbs and Corms – The Spring Color Starter Pack

With spring right around the corner, bulb displays in stores
will start to arrive.  Bulbs and corms
are the dormant state of some perennials and are packed with energy, which is
why we eat many of them like Onions and Garlic. 
They store energy all spring and into summer through their foliage then
go dormant storing all that energy until […]

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Color Beneath Your Feet

Groundcovers are low growing perennials and craw along the
ground, sometimes rooting down and spreading to cover bare soil.  They can become a noxious weed if left
unchecked which is why there are only a select few used in modern landscape
designing.  The ones chosen by designers
are much slower growing, have great benefits, and easy to grow in […]

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Versatile Evergreen Shrubs for Lively Winter Landscapes

While most plants go dormant in the winter, evergreens stay
strong and survive the winters with unique features not common on other
plants.  Using a sprinkling of evergreens
in a landscape will provide some good color coverage and diversity in an otherwise
bleak season.   This article will discuss
a few different shrubs that can take piles of snow, and provide […]

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Evergreen Trees – The Frame for the Painting

Dark olive-green color in the snowy cold winter is possible with an evergreen or two in your landscape.  Using a few evergreens to fill a corner or create a screen is common and can be a great addition to an acreage.  But using them in the city is another thing.  Some evergreens stay on the […]

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4 Seasons of Color out of only Shrubs?

Shrubs are the core of most landscape beds, they anchor between trees and provide size and color where a tree would be too big, and a perennial too small.  The sweet spot also means they need to pull their weight when it comes to color and characteristics.  I like to use unique shrubs that really […]

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What about some Winter Interest?

Just because the growing season for plants is finished doesn’t mean they all turn to sticks and crunchy leaves, there are many plants out there that have one last trick up their sleeve.  Evergreens are what people commonly think of for living plants in the winter, but there are many others that can show some […]

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The Modern Prairie Returns

Modern landscaping practices bring more formal designs and
tidiness to homes.  With narrow plantings
in straight lines, and mulch beds cut and shaped in perfect arcs its hard to
imagine wildflowers and native grasses belonging there.  But just because a plant has native
beginnings, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a spot in a formal landscape.  Just like how dogs […]

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Living Groundcovers – Using Plants instead of Mulch

Besides using mulch and rock, there is an alternative for more protected areas and can be the showiest option with the most versatility.  Plants can be effective groundcovers where other options wouldn’t look good.  Today we will discuss some groundcover plant choices and how they would work in a given landscape. 

Periwinkle, an evergreen […]

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May is for Mulching – Benefits of Mulch for your Landscape Beds

Every bed needs something to cover the ground and help
protect the plants “Crown”, the core of most plants where the roots and stems
originate.  When you plant perennials or
shrubs the best thing you can do is apply a nice new layer of mulch to act as a
blanket and keep the plant protected.  Mulch
comes in a variety […]

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