Hidden in Plain Sight – Lighting under Caps and Steps

Landscape lighting has come a long way and they come in all
shapes and sizes.  LED’s are so small now
they can pack 6 or 8 bulbs into a small cap light that can tuck under a wall
cap.   These lights help illuminate areas that are
hard to light, creating a safer space, and make the textures of the […]

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Landscape Lighting – A 24/7 Winter Wonderland

Porch lights and down lights on homes have been a fixture for many years.  Recently, there has been an influx of new technology that makes lighting up your whole property, landscapes, pathways, and patios included much easier and brighter.  It began with solar powered lights over a decade ago.  These little mobile lights were introduced […]

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The weather outside is frightful – How can landscaping look good in the winter?

Christmas is coming up fast, the ground is frozen, and the
landscapes look like their finished for the year.  Most plants are shriveled, buried under snow,
and forgotten.  With the weather
changing, plants go dormant and tend to quietly disappear until the spring
warmth returns.  But not every plant will
do this, evergreens keep the party going until their friends […]

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Holiday Season is here – Is it feeling a little claustrophobic?

With Thanksgiving coming shortly, and families gathering for the holidays in the coming months, it can be a bit stuffy in the house.  Most homes have a small patio or deck to go out on to escape the madness, but sometimes its just a 10’ x 10’ slab and it doesn’t really help.  This winter […]

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Late Bloomers – Saving the Best for Last

Late Bloomers – Saving the Best for Last


Summer is winding down, children are back to school, the temperatures are cooling off, and fall is here.  A good majority of plants bloom from around May until August, by the end of September there are only a handful of plants that haven’t put on a show. These […]

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The Tree Monopoly

Overplanting of the same species has come to light recently because of the Emerald Ash Borer and the Japanese Beetle.  Both insects devastate trees in their path and only by diversifying what we plant can we fix the problem.


The Tree Monopoly, too much of a good thing


Like a coral reef or a forest floor, […]

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Earth Day 2018: Earth Needs Heroes

Earth Day comes every April 22nd and for 48 years now it has been growing and evolving into the movement that it is today.  The focus of each Earth Day is to educate and create as much environmental improvement as you can.  The biggest educational event in Omaha for Earth Day is on April 21st […]

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March Madness: What to do first in Spring

March Madness may be in full swing on TV, but don’t neglect your landscaping completely.  Mid to late March is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things in the landscape world. March weather is very unpredictable, and the record highs and lows dictate it is the most extreme weather month.  From […]

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How to Expand to an Outdoor Living Space

How to Expand to an Outdoor Living Space

You walk over to your backyard patio doors, slide them open, step down to an 8’ x 8’ concrete slab and that’s it, nothing more.  Everything else around you is grass, or the occasional tree, for as far as the eyes can see.  That’s the reality for many […]

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Taking Care of Your Yard . . . And Your Body!

Many of us are planning to spend a considerable amount of time making sure to keep our homes and landscaping in top condition this spring. You have to remember that working on and around your home and landscape is a very physical activity and should be treated as such. Granted, Kinnan-Scaping recommends using our talented […]

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