Elemental Heroes! – What are the Elements on my Fertilizer Bag?

Fertilizers are the energy drinks of the plant world!  These granules are an important yearly step
to be sure all of your landscape plants are getting enough nutrients and
essential elements.  All plants need
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to survive, just like we need certain elements
to survive too.  I’m sure you’ve seen a
bag of fertilizer with NPK and […]

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Rise and Shine – Early Bloomers and First Plants to Break Dormancy

April is here, the ground is thawing, and the days are
getting longer and longer.  The air
temperatures are maintaining a steading warming trend and rain has returned
instead of snow.  These all trigger perennials
to wake up and get active again.  Plants
break dormancy at different times but in this article, we will talk about the
first ones out of […]

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Maintenance on Slopes – When a New Wall could be the Solution

Slopes are a common theme among homes in Omaha.  In older neighborhoods the winding streets go up and down and each passing house has a slope to the street or in their backyard.  Most of these hills are corrected with walls, but these homes are normally older and thus the materials used are crumbling or […]

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Maintenance on Patios and Pathways

Plants are not the only thing that needs a check-up every
year.  Hardscapes can sometimes use a
face-lift or even just a quick spray to get them back to looking new.  The winter is tough on hardscapes, heaving
and moving as the ground freezes and thaws can cause cracks and chips in
cement, and settling in patios and pathways. 
We […]

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March Maintenance – Time to Prepare for Spring

The snow will soon start melting (hopefully), the temperatures are rising, and spring should be right around the corner.  Plants that are perennials, ones that survive the winter and come back each year, need a little help usually to get them back to their best form.  Shrubs sometimes don’t need much, just a few branches […]

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Fire Pit February – The uses and benefits of having a fire pit in your backyard

Circling around the campfire has been a long-held tradition
that dates back thousands of years.  Almost
all cultures and peoples from around the world have used fire to establish the
center of the living space.  The place
where stories are told, teaching is held, social interaction is common, and
rituals are created.  Fire pits have
evolved over the years as our […]

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Light Above and Below –Lighting in Trees and Water Features

Low voltage LED’s come in all shapes and sizes, but they are best utilized when they are put in spots rarely seen lit.  Using their smaller size, the lights can be tucked into places that would be difficult to do before.  Luckily, companies designed waterproof lights that are used for two vastly different applications.  One […]

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Hidden in Plain Sight – Lighting under Caps and Steps

Landscape lighting has come a long way and they come in all
shapes and sizes.  LED’s are so small now
they can pack 6 or 8 bulbs into a small cap light that can tuck under a wall
cap.   These lights help illuminate areas that are
hard to light, creating a safer space, and make the textures of the […]

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Landscape Lighting – A 24/7 Winter Wonderland

Porch lights and down lights on homes have been a fixture for many years.  Recently, there has been an influx of new technology that makes lighting up your whole property, landscapes, pathways, and patios included much easier and brighter.  It began with solar powered lights over a decade ago.  These little mobile lights were introduced […]

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The weather outside is frightful – How can landscaping look good in the winter?

Christmas is coming up fast, the ground is frozen, and the
landscapes look like their finished for the year.  Most plants are shriveled, buried under snow,
and forgotten.  With the weather
changing, plants go dormant and tend to quietly disappear until the spring
warmth returns.  But not every plant will
do this, evergreens keep the party going until their friends […]

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